Album Coffee Roasters

Album is a creative kind of roastery with an ever-evolving visual identity. We roast short runs of vibrant, juicy coffees and pair them with interesting artworks from up-and-coming creators.

For each coffee we roast, we produce cover art alongside a little something extra that’s nice to have or experience. It might be a poster, a piece of music, a zine, an object or something totally unexpected. A good coffee can be an awesome yet fleeting experience. We make artefacts that remain when the coffee has gone; something to keep and collect. 

In this way, we create a kind of Album.

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Album is driven by a love of coffee roasting. We think it’s one of the most interesting processes ever. Creating a roast profile is like solving a puzzle to unlock flavours that the roaster wants to convey. It’s a heady blend of science and art which definitely keeps things interesting. Tasting the results of a new or refined roasting approach is always an exciting process.

We aim to create a depth of sweetness, complex aromatics and juiciness while preserving a clean and transparent cup profile. Our roasting style somewhere between light and medium. This yields a sweet and nicely developed filter roast and a lighter and juicier espresso.

We can't wait for you to try it.


The most interesting coffees might come from one small section of a farm, or a particular variety kept separate during harvest and processed with even more attention to detail. When we find such a coffee, we jump on the opportunity, get it up on the webshop, and when it’s gone it’s gone. Our coffees will each be limited to a predetermined number of bags. Some of our coffees will be superb examples of normal every-day drinking coffees. Others will be insane coffees with flavours that boggle the mind. A handful will represent some of the most highly sought-after coffees in the world that showcase just how complex, fruity and floral coffee can taste.

A Nomadic Roastery

Over the years, working with coffee and roasting for various projects in London we’ve made lots of friends and built strong relationships within the coffee community. We wouldn’t be here without their support.

Album is currently a “nomadic” roastery, hiring out the kit of some of the best roasters in the country while we’re building our own roasting facility. It’s been an incredible experience collaborating with so many talented people, sharing knowledge and learning stuff together.


Matthew Robley-Siemonsma is a veteran of the London coffee scene and winner of the SCA UK coffee roasting championships in 2016 and 2017.