If you save up a handful of empty coffee bags, send us a message at and we will email you a pre-paid postage label to return them to us. We’ll make sure they get recycled properly, in fact we’ve got a project going to turn them into something awesome. 

Otherwise, you can remove the labels and then return them to larger supermarkets along with shopping bags and other number 2 and 4 coded films. 

For our coffee bags, we’ve chosen mono material LDPE as opposed to a biodegradable or compostable materials. Unfortunately, despite sounding much more 'green' - biodegradable and compostable products often require special conditions within industrial facilities in order to be broken down and most consumers have little or no access to these places. The result is that these materials will most often end up spending thousands of years in landfill or otherwise create contamination to the environment when incorrectly composted. 

After careful research, we think the material we have chosen is currently the best, most practical and responsible option for keeping your coffee fresh whilst possessing viable waste management potential. That being said, we acknowledge that plastics production needs to be reduced and that recycling streams need to be improved. 

Alongside keeping an ear to the ground for new, greener, materials, we will be supporting research and initiatives in developing technology and processes within the plastic waste streams industries.

Watch this space for updates as we continue to develop this project.

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