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Float On

Limited to 40 bags (250g)

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This naturally processed Costa Rica 95 variety was produced at La Lucuma by Marcelino Chinguel alongside his family in the Cajamarca region of Peru. After picking, hand sorting and floating, the whole cherries are left to rest for 16 hours before being laid out to dry on raised beds in the solar drier for around 20 to 30 days.

This edition is limited to 40 bags (250g). We’re running it as a pre-order and our first dispatch will be end of October.

Cover image by @drme_studio.

Included in every box of this coffee we’ll send out a lightweight folded lithograph poster of the cover image (300mm x 300mm).  Collect it, frame it, make a paper plane with it. It’s up to you!

  • La Lucuma

    Don Marcelino Chinguel has been growing coffee for most of his life, well over forty years. He’s always willing to explore and change his way of thinking and this coffee represent that spirit. This is the first lot produced from the Costa Rica 95 variety that Marcelino planted in 2018 at La Lucuma. Most of the work on the farm is carried out by Marcelino and his family, hiring only eight pickers during harvest. Marcelino looks after the administration and sales duties, his wife manages post harvest procedures, his oldest son oversees the picking, and his youngest son is the QC manager.

    After picking, hand sorting and floating the cherries, this naturally processed lot is left to rest for 16 hours before being laid out to dry on raised beds in the solar drier for around 20 to 30 days.

    We find this lot to be super tropical, rich and wine-like and full of complex fermented fruit flavours and aromatics.

  • DR.ME Studio

    The cover artwork for Float On comes to us from the amazing DR.ME studio, a multidisciplinary creative studio consisting of Ryan Doyle (DR) & Mark Edwards (ME) Est. 2010. The studio is known for creating record sleeve art, visual identities, editorial illustration, collage work, apparel and video.


    Check them out @drme_studio or for books and other products available through their website.


    We think the artwork suits the bright, vibrant flavour profile of the coffee. The image artwork is a collage on paper. A lightweight poster is included with the coffee. Tag us to show us how you use it.