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Paradise Found v1

Limited to 300 bags (250g)

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Our first edition of Paradise Found has been nothing but joy as we’ve been testing it out ahead of the launch. It’s a clean, vibrant and well structured coffee, produced by Fredy Huachohillca in Valle de Incahuasi, Peru. It's a blend of Caturra, Bourbon and Typica varieties, processed using a fully washed method.

This edition is limited to 300 bags (250g). We’re running it as a pre-order and our first dispatch will be mid-July.

Cover image by @drme_studio.

Included in every box of this coffee we’ll send out a lightweight folded lithograph poster of the cover image (300mm x 300mm).  Collect it, frame it, make a paper plane with it.  It’s up to you!

  • Fredy Huachohillca

    This coffee comes from the Palma farm, a small 2.7 hectare plot situated just over 2000m above sea level. The coffee comes to us though the Cooperativa Agraria Cafetalera Valle de Incahuasi (CACVI) which was created at the start of 2005 and is managed by Claudio Ortiz Osis. In 2022, the CACVI groups its 494 members through 13 committees, 11 in Incahuasi and 2 in Ayacucho. Currently, the cooperative has around 14 associate producers in different areas.


    It is becoming clearer that climate change and fluctuating temperatures are creating problems for plots at this altitude. Droughts are becoming more frequent so one of the key ways to help mitigate risks from the changing climate has been the installation of shade trees around the growing areas, as well as effective irrigation building and  fertilizer dispersal to maintain soil health.


    Following the harvest months of August to November, the picked cherry is rested before being pulped and rested further. It is then washed and dried for a period of 12-15 days on raised beds before being prepared for storage and delivered to a warehouse in Andahuaylas.

  • DR.ME Studio

    The cover artwork for Paradise Found comes to us from the amazing DR.ME studio, a multidisciplinary creative studio consisting of Ryan Doyle (DR) & Mark Edwards (ME) Est. 2010. The studio is known for creating record sleeve art, visual identities, editorial illustration, collage work, apparel and video.


    Check them out @drme_studio or for books and other products available through their website.


    We think the artwork suits the bright, vibrant flavour profile of the coffee. The image artwork was created from paint, water and plexiglass. A lightweight poster is included with the coffee. Tag us to show us how you use it.