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Wake In Fright

Freezer Archive 100g

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The freezer archive project grew from a desire to be able share these great coffees when they’re at their absolute best. In recent years, the practice of freezing both raw and roasted coffee has been a topic of reinvestigation in the coffee world.

Freezing coffee using the recently explored best practices has been shown to genuinely preserve freshness, allowing greater control of the resting and ageing process. It’s been suggested that properly freezing coffee could have such a dramatic impact on preservation that one day in the freezer could be equivalent to 3 months at ambient temperatures. Each week in the freezer potentially translates to years of preserved freshness!

This is particularly relevant when it comes to very special, rare and potentially expensive coffees. Freezing allows us to source these coffees when we can and then preserve them at their peak quality so they’re here safe and ready whenever they’re needed for our lovely customers.

For roasters exploring this practice, the use of freezing offers the potential to increase consistency and mitigate some of the logistical pressures that come along with such a sensitive product that greatly changes and evolves over time.

Our current practice at Album is for these archive coffees to be vacuum sealed and frozen within a period of 24 hours after roasting. When we ship out a bag of our previously frozen coffee it will be as if it’s just been roasted.

If you have any questions about this interesting topic or would like to discuss it in greater detail, please send us a message to